What do you mean by event "modes"?

What are the five event modes offered by EventBuilder?

EventBuilder offers you five modes: four for virtual events, and one for in-person events. You’ll have different ways to create in-depth, customized registration, enhance security, and engage your audiences:

  • Webinar Mode — The Teams or Teams Live Event experience you’re already familiar with. Interact or broadcast in the usual fashion, with the added advanced custom registration, event security, and reporting tools at your fingertips.
  • Streaming Mode* — Available to suite-level subscribers, add streaming to your live webinar. Your presenters will be in the familiar Teams environment, while your attendees view the presentation via our no-download, browser-based streaming console. Attendees can engage via chat, polls, and surveys. Simply choose “Live Webinar” mode and select, “Yes, I want to stream.”
  • Simulated-Live Mode* — Play recorded content via our streaming console, while interacting with your audience via EventBuilder’s engagement tools (available to suite level subscribers).
  • On-Demand Mode* — Extend the life of your content by allowing recorded events to be available to attendees anytime (available to suite -level subscribers).
  • In-Person — Perfect for seminars and training, add online registration and check-in capabilities with in-person event mode.

*Availability of the different modes will vary based on subscription level.